Tax Refunds
& Advice

Looking for tax advice and help with tax returns?
We take care of your business and personal tax.

We help you with tax advice, planning, and managing your business and personal tax returns. We will assist you at every stage, right from registering with the Inland Revenue Department. Whenever you need it, we will provide sensible advice on all your tax-related questions.

We promise to take complete care of all your accounting tasks so that you can take care of your business with complete peace of mind.

Why choose Franklin Taxation Centre
for tax advice and returns?

  • Sensible advice on all tax-related questions
  • We will manage your tax deadlines
  • We will manage everything with the IRD on your behalf
  • We look after your business and personal tax returns
  • We maintain your tax records
  • You get a local accountant who you can meet with to discuss any tax questions
  • You get a great service at a fixed (and affordable) price.
Man working at Franklin Taxation Centre